Has the University of West London got the X Factor?

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Last night, the University of West London held their second African and Caribbean Society (ACS) event of the year in Freddie’s Bar where young talents took to the stage for an open mic night.  Presented by two hosts, the night started off promising however not so good organisational skills were apparent as things did not seem to run so smoothly.

An array of students and visitors filled the venue waiting patiently and after an hour ahead of scheduled time, it begun. Entry was £3 which is deemed as a reasonable price for a university event and plenty of snacks were provided for the crowd.

The first act opened with enthusiasm, getting the crowd hyped as a 20 year old rapper performed using a sample of 2pac’s, Do for Love. Strangely after the first act, there was a break possibly for the ACS team to refine a few things so the crowd took the opportunity to have a few drinks and mingle amongst each other. After the first interval, a game took place called Guess the Song. A male and female from the audience were pulled to the stage after a bit of persuasion from the team who had to constantly amp up the crowd, competed in guessing songs as quickly as possible, which then resulted in a tie. At this point, the atmosphere had loosened and the next act performed. A guitarist played an indie version of Drake’s, Hold On, Were Going Home, a duet then sang Beyonce’s Halo and thereafter a dance group performed a Caribbean style dance followed by another game and more talented individuals.

It was a clear struggle for the team to engage with the audience but they did the best that they could do, displaying humour, liveliness and determination. Overall the event was a somewhat success, in a sense that there was a fair amount of people in the audience, great vibes and good interaction. On the other hand, organisation was amiss as well as time keeping. The open mic night was a promising event and a decent indication of what the ACS has to bring.


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