24 Hour Stylist Challenge


image (3)Cocktails, cars and Charlotte Tilbury, stylist magazine had it all. A special event held by the publication was open for the pubic to indulge their beauty driven minds in. They were offered make over’s by none other than world renowned makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury’s team whilst she gracefully mingled with others dressed to the nines in a leopard printed fur coat. After a long day of making up stars like Celine Dion for her X Factor performance, she still managed to keep a welcoming smile on her face. “I’m so tired and I can’t wait to go home and see my son” she explained.

image (2)Not only was there access to a full Hollywood glamour inspired make over, Maybelline also offered nail designs. The nail technicians were there to glamourize finger tips like they had never been glamourized before. Animal print, zig zags and polka dots, you name it, the team were on board to nail-jazzle the bejesus out of you.

The magazine held the free event for 24 hours as a challenge to come up with a full issue within that time frame. The stylist 24 hour challenge in association with Ford Fiesta was live streamed in Regent’s Place, London from 10am Friday to 10am Saturday. With three live cameras covering the entire event, the team were pressurised to meet their target. Nothing was going to stop them, not even the combustion of excited people and tempting cocktails could pull them away from their computers as their fingers frantically danced across the keyboard.

image (1)The staff wasn’t the only ones dedicated to the event. Many of the public had to queue outside in the gruesome weather, shaking their boots off as the torturous events came and wiped the youth right of their faces. Not to worry though as it was soon rejuvenated with Charlotte Tilbury’s bestselling collection. Sorry blokes!

The fun didn’t stop there as a hula hoop party broke out outside the venue. Amongst the ‘hoopers’ was BBC Radio 1 presenter Gemma Cairney. They all took to the cold like champions and soon after everyone was greeted by juicy burgers courtesy of Bleecker Burger. Every hour or so, the event introduced more excitements things. There were models and marshmallows plus burgers and boot camp. The variety of events was truly unpredictable nonetheless just as enjoyable.


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